Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Panda baby rattle :D

Hello hello,

Yes finally posting something i actually finished! woop woop
So a coworker of mine is pregnant and it was her last day at work the other day. So decided to giver her a few crochet baby things.
I made this cute baby rattle. The original design is from Ana Paula Rimoli. I followed most of the design, except at the panda head. I've made a couple of these rattles and the first one was perfect, but the ones after that the head didn't seem to have enough rows, might have be the yarn. Anyways so thats the only thing i did different but it still looks the same. :D  It has a little bell in the head for the rattle. It took a about 4 hours for me to make. Yeah I'm not to fast at this yet. hihi

x Sabrina

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