Project 1

Rudy the reindeer

Kat's progress

01 Dec 2014
15 Dec 2014

I don't have any sock weight yarn, so I'm using plain ol' worsted weight Red Heart brand. I'm also using a size F/5 3.75mm crochet hook. So Rudy is likely going to be bigger than 4.5 inches tall.

03 December 2014:  two rows of the body done. I know it's not much, but I have other holiday projects in progress as well. I think Freaky might finish Rudy before I do!

05 December 2014:  I should be done with the body today, since I crocheted til row 16 yesterday while visiting with my mom

10 December 2014:  I've forgotten how much time caring for a baby takes out of your day. Grandbaby is here a few days a week, so I stitch when I can. (Usually when she goes to sleep for the night xD)  Rudy has a body, his belly patch, both legs, his tail and one arm.

Catch up Freaky!  You got this!!

12 December 2014:  Most of Rudy is stitched up, then on to stuff and put him all together! I'm thinking this is going to make a nice little gift for my mom that likes deer.

15 December 2014: Finally finished Rudy. He's looking to the side a bit, instead of to the front. Seems like most of my amigurumi with faces end up looking to the side  xD

Freaky... finishing after Christmas isn't pointless. No one likes UFO (Un Finished Objects)!!  You can do this!!!

Freaky's part.. xD

Ok so turned out i didn't have enough brown for Rudy so i had to order some more. Got those saturday the 5th.

Sunday the 6th. I started working on the body. Not quite finished yet =/ Im already starting to doubt if i will make the deadline. *help*

*update* xD
I did do some more of the body.. tuesday? wednesday? I should have written this that day. -.-
Had really busy week at work. So kept on slacking on making Rudy D:
But!!! This weekend i will catch up.. i hope xD cause we said it should be done by monday. I still want to make that. Don't want to already end up *not finishing* Annnddd its christmas soon so finishing after christmas will be pointless. I need more christmas decorations :D

Finished body, arms and tail.. Doesn't sound like much at all =/

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