Monday, October 5, 2015

Charity Crochet

Every day is an opportunity to be charitable. But let's face it, our daily lives sometimes get in the way. The upcoming holidays here in the USA are a little nudge to remind us that we should be doing more for our fellow humans.

Autumn not only brings beautiful colors as the leaves change, but it also brings cooler temperatures. While I love the cooler temps, I do realize that not everyone does. Here are two different ways to help others stay warm this winter.

There's currently a crochet mitten drive happening on Facebook:

Crochet Mitten Drive

I'm going to throw down my crocheted gauntlet and challenge you! Join the fun and make some hats for cancer patients. The 2nd Annual Cancer Charity Challenge is being hosted by My Sweet Potato 3. Even if you only make ONE hat, you are making a difference.

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